Letters To the Editor

These letters were sent by third graders at the Bronx Lighthouse Academy in the Bronx, New York.

I liked the article about how Italy bans plastic bags. It is good that Italy bans plastic bags; it is good for the Earth. I learned it will take 1,000 years for a bag to break up into pieces. –Alfred Sanchez

What I didn’t like was when people made fun of the three girls about their religion and wearing the Hijabs. I like that IndyKids [allowed them to] express themselves, and stand up for themselves. –Ezekiel Alcala

I like the article “My Hijab.” They stand up for themselves in bravery against people that are teasing them. I like that! They don’t care about others. They care about themselves and their religion! –Angel Earnest

I read about [global warming], and never knew global warming causes snow. I also want to know why does snow look strange and taste like water? How come it doesn’t taste like earth if it’s because of global warming? I want to know does snow have an ingredient that is inside of it that we don’t know? As you can see, I have a lot of questions but I love the article about global warming causing snow. –Tyquil Campbell

Regarding on the article “Punished Without a Trial,” I think that it’s sad that a helicopter attacked people in Iraq. The government does some really bad things. I think that it’s great that Bradley Manning tried to help people. I think it is not fair that he’s in jail. Free Bradley Manning!! –Tiana Faison

I liked the article, “Getting Wild With Bats.” I liked it because it had a lot of facts, and I’m glad you put in pictures of bats.  I am so surprised that one picture showed a bat with big ears.  I can’t believe bats are really good parents. –Mia Vasquez

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