Letters to the Editor

Sixth graders from the Secondary School for Law in Brooklyn, NY, submitted these letters to IndyKids:

Every time I go to school we students have to go through scanning. It’s as if we were in the airport. Sometimes I feel like they treat us like terrorists. I know they want to keep the school safe, but I think it’s a waste of time. That is probably one reason why we as students have to start school late and come out late. –NATALIE

I hate the fact that the war is going on. Many families are losing homes and dying because of this stupid war. I also hate the fact that Blackwater can go around and kill Iraqis without getting into any trouble. These Iraqis have families and now they are gone because of Blackwater. –GREGORY

I think the people in Iraq have not been treated correctly. In Iraq they don’t have a place to get food, cotton and other help. –XIAOLI DONG

Third graders at PS 34 in New York City submitted this letter to IndyKids:

From Indykids, we learned that there has been an increase in foreclosures, causing many families to become homeless. We knew this was wrong, so we decided to write to Mayor Bloomberg to end homelessness in our city. Unfortunately, he hasn’t written us back. … More kids should write to Mayor Bloomberg and other leaders to end homelessness. Our dream is for there to be so many letters that our leaders will no longer be able to ignore issues around homelessness!

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