I just finished reading about the four new species of octopi that were found living in Antarctica. I find it amazing that the two octopi that contain venom can be a cure for cancer, but the other octopi were not described in the article. I would like to know what the other species are like.
-Yordis, Brooklyn, NY

The article that caught my attention was “Life on Another Planet?” It caught my attention because I didn’t know we had another planet 20 light years away. My opinion is that if there’s another planet, why are we just discovering it? I believe that in space there are other planets and living things.
-Monasia, Brooklyn, NY

Regarding the article “Planet 51:  An Unusual Immigration History”, I believe that it wasn’t right how they treated those people like that.  It’s not right because everyone is the same. They can do the same everyone else can, and people shouldn’t be picking on others if they’re not perfect themselves.
-Samantha Watton, Corona, CA

Regarding the article, “Black Farmers Find Justice,” [it] is my opinion that discrimination has been really bad, because a lot of people had been affected because of discrimination and even if this case was a long time ago, discrimination is still a problem for society.
-Carolina Delgado, Corona, CA

I really like your article on Europe in the Streets. Reading that a 12-year-old is so determined to save his public youth center really gives a message that if a person is determined enough, he or she can do anything.
-Alex, Brooklyn, NY

The article that caught my attention was “Life on Another Planet?” Scientists discovered a new planet, [so] if there’s a natural disaster, we may be able to live somewhere else on that planet. It may be a long trip, but who knows if its possible. Scientists are a big part of human life. They help and discover many things that can save a civilization. Hopefully, we won’t have to live on another planet. Earth is my home.
-Brandon, Brooklyn, NY