I think it’s very important for them to have a library because they need to have a place where they can read and do important things. In my community we have a local and school library and it’s great.
Shanijah Cobbs (comment posted in response to “A Battle for Books”)

I support the students and faculty of public schools throughout America. Charter schools have taken away money, space, and privileges from public education. My school has also suffered from space being reduced because of another upcoming school.
Emely, Grade 6, Secondary School for Law Brooklyn, NY

I think that the LGBT teenagers shouldn’t kill themselves just because other teenagers bully them for being LGBT. I think that the teens that are LGBT shouldn’t care about what other teenagers think about them.
Chelsea, Grade 6, Secondary School for Law Brooklyn, NY

I think healthcare is a good thing and he’s [President Obama is] trying to help people a lot. I think he’s helping the USA make better relationships with people in other parts of the world. I think its kind of hard to be president because a lot of people get mad at him.
Kief (comment posted in response to “President Obama’s Record”)

I thought women had rights! Only 17 percent of the Senate are women!!!!! I do wonder why we would elect so many more men than women, and so little minorities.
Riley Neher (comment posted in response to “The Millionaire’s Senate”)