I liked the article about the Gulf Coast in Mexico because it makes other people aware of how an oil spill can kill the lives of other people, which made me very depressed. This made me realize that if more oil were to go inside the Gulf Coast. another explosion would occur killing more lives of innocent people.
Antraniq Gharibian, 10th Grade, Patchogue-Medford Highschool

This is the first issue I’m reading. I think it’s great. I read the article about the messages in the books and questions to ask, which I’m going to try to answer every time I read a book, if I remember them.
Calvin Maholick, 2nd Grade, Mahoning Elementary School

I think that the Turkish government was wrong to deny that the genocide against the Armenian people ever happened. It was disturbing that the Turkish government would ever do such a thing to kill a lot of people just because they are different.
Maia Nelson, 4th Grade, University Child Development School

I think you should get new articles every week to keep kids entertained. I like how you take letters to the editor.
Hannah Sethi, 2nd Grade, North Walpole Elementary School