I am scared for the future, and what will happen to the Earth. I think that all countries, rich and poor, need to try harder not to create as many greenhouse gases. I also think that poor countries should be helped, that we are all in this together. I think that we can reverse the problem if we work hard.
Cole Tom, 5th Grade, Potrero Hill, CA

After reading the article (“Obama Orders 30,000 More Soldiers to Afghanistan”), I think that the war should stop. I know President Obama is only trying to finish what was started previously, but I feel now that sending out more troops to win the war just isn’t the right way. It surprised me to know that over 2 million people were killed since 1980.
Maya Winshell, 5th Grade, San Francisco, CA

I think that it is very wrong that for hundreds of years, Spain, France and the United States invaded and occupied Haiti and made huge profits off the land and people. France should give back all the coffee, sugar and wood to Haiti and Spain, France and the United States should give back all the money they took from Haiti.
T’airah Hightower, 6th Grade, Brooklyn, NY

I think immigrant workers should be treated fairly. I know that most immigrant workers work very hard at what they do, and they shouldn’t be taken advantage of.
Jordan, 6th Grade, Brooklyn, NY