Letters to the Editor

These are some of the letters that we received from our readers in March, 2010.

I think that it makes no sense for police officers to arrest kids, when they committed behaviors that would have usually landed them in the headmaster’s office. I’m thinking that having too many police officers in schools is causing people to think that any situation is bigger than it really is.
Evan, 11, San Francisco, CA

I am scared for the future, and what will happen to the earth. I think that all countries, rich and poor, need to try harder in not creating as many greenhouse gases. I also think that poor countries should be helped, that we are all in this together. I think that we can reverse the problem if we work hard.
Cole Tom, 10, Potrero Hill, CA

I think that this article (“When School Food Fights Lead to Jail”) is very interesting, because police have never really paid any attention to schools before. Just because a six year-old gets upset (however upset that may be), doesn’t mean that s/he should get charged with a felony. Frankly, I think that is outrageous.
Dylan Simon, 11, San Francisco, CA

I think it’s bad that a 6-year-old got arrested for having a fight at school! Then, when crime went down, the schools kept bringing in more police! It’s bad enough kids get arrested for crimes out side of school, but now in school? What type of behavior is “ok” at schools that have police?
Hazel, San Francisco, CA

I think it is wrong that kids are doing this, but I think it’s also wrong that the government is putting policemen into schools. I like this article (“When School Food Fights Lead to Jail”), because it makes everybody aware that bad things are happening in schools, and that we should prevent them from happening.
Johnny, 10, San Francisco CA

It’s amazing that kids are getting arrested for such little things. It must have been so scary for those kids. I’ve also heard of kids being tried as adults in court, it’s so sad! If there’s any way to help, I would love to. I also wonder what people are currently doing to help this problem.

I think that the kids’ rights issue is important, because it affects how children are treated; and since I am a child, it could affect me as well. Many parents think that if kids had more rights, then they wouldn’t be able to reprimand them. I think that this perspective is neither right nor wrong. Some rights could lead to unsafe things, like they are worried about, but some are important to have.
Katie, 11, 5th Grade, Noe Valley, CA

Back in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, when a kid got in trouble, the Principal would talk to them, and try to work it out. Now, because the problems keep getting worse, there are police on campus to do what the Principal did. School districts should have enough money to hire better teachers and counselors to help the kids in trouble and prevent future problems.
Mason, 11, 5th Grade, San Francisco, CA

I have been brought up to know that the police are here to protect us, and are nice people. However, I’ve been thinking more about that now. When kids have a food fight at school, they should be sent to the Principal’s office, or at most, suspended. The Police have learned to be suspicious of everyone.
Sarah, San Francisco, CA

After reading the article (“Obama Orders 30,000 More Soldiers to Afghanistan”), I think that the war should stop. I know President Obama is only trying to finish what was started previously, but I feel now that sending out more troops to win the war just isn’t the right way. It surprised me to know that over 2 million people were killed since 1980.
Maya Winshell, 5th Grade, San Francisco, CA

Why would Reagan take solar panels off the white house? Why would anybody do that? Was he a good guy or really a bad guy?
Jan Watt, 7th Grade

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