Letters to the Editor

I think it’s awful that kids as young as 5 or 6 have to work on these very dangerous blueberry farms! [“Berry Blues: Child labor widespread on U.S. farms”] With snakes and other dangerous animals. We should all help by not buying blueberries from a company that uses child labor likes this one.
Mosammet, 5th grade, New York, NY

I think berry picking is bad for children because they are using heavy machines and could get hurt. I think it’s bad that people have child labor in the United States because I thought America was trying to stop child labor.
Antonio Donato, 5th grade, Long Island City, NY

I think kids should have some rights. I think children should have the right to choose their own religion and career, although parents should have a say in what their kids do. Even though kids should have rights, I think parents should have control in some things in their child’s life.
Ivana Manuel, 5th grade, Long Island City, NY

Arresting a kid for throwing a tantrum? [in the article “When Food Fights Lead To Jail”] Sure, tantrums are annoying, but arresting a kid for doing it is wrong. Imagine that you are that girl’s parents and then you find out that your daughter has been arrested at school! It’s horrible!
Max Bowers, 5th grade, San Francisco, CA

When I read the article, “Obama Orders 30,000 More Soldiers to Afghanistan,” I was really able to get lost in it because I was able to feel what the innocent people who had lost their families were feeling. I learned what other people in my family thought, too.
Maya Winshell, 5th grade, San Francisco, CA

I think the government has noodle-brain to let the children do this job [Berry Blues: Child labor widespread on U.S. farms]. I feel this is very awful. Because they are just children.
Wen Zhong Wu, Tenzer GED Plus School, New York, NY

Many children need to work and never graduate from high school. The children are very poor in their country, so they migrate to developed countries to make money.
Zi Zheng, Tenzer GED Plus School, New York, NY

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