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These letters came from Ms. Kellner’s 6th grade English Language Arts classes from the Renaissance School of the Arts in New York City.

I think your article “Obama: Three More Years of War in Iraq…” was really good although I think you could use a little more information coming from the Iraqi citizens.
Hailey Rivera

We want to know when the troops are going to stop this war and come home to their families. People who care about this story are anti-war activists. They are people who go against the war. Other people who would care about this are troop families.
Caylin Phillips

I think that the article “Obama: Three More Years of War in Iraq…” is not so objective because the reporter only interviewed one person. For example, I think you should have interviewed an Iraqi because they have different points of view.
Anthony Nelson

This article “U.S. Healthcare in Need of Surgery” is credible because I can walk to a person and they will straight out tell you that they are having problems with health insurance and that they want it to STOP!!! So I agree completely.
Chelby Ventura

I think that “Does Your Food Have Cooties” is a very alarming article because it shouts out be careful! Now I feel safe because I never knew about the contamination. Thank you for your message to all Americans!
Geralyz Nunez

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