Letters to the Editor

These letters came from Ms. Kelly Norris’ 6th Grade Social Studies class at Manor Middle School in Manor, Texas.

If I would change health care, I would pick the choice allowing everyone to have health insurance and pay less than the original cost. There are a lot of  people in need of health care who can’t pay the bill.
Mixtli Torres

I agree with 51% of Americans who think we should bring back our troops because President G.W. Bush started the war years ago. I just think it’s not worth fighting for something that started when I was three years old, and I’m 11 now.
Gabby Samaripa

I do not agree with the way health care is. They should have it where you don’t have to pay a lot of money if you don’t have health insurance. And you don’t have to go to the doctor every time you get a little sick.
Elijah Jimenez

I believe everyone should have health care because it isn’t fair that only some people get it and not others. What if you’re born into a poor family that can’t pay for health care? See, it’s not a fair system.
Eddy Conveniencia

I think that we need more health care for everyone. If we have more health care for everyone, then everyone will be healthier.
Ana Valdez

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