Ten out of 10 students I surveyed said they could not live without their mothers. I asked 12-year-old Maria, “How would you feel if your mother had to be shipped back to her country?”

Maria said she would feel “abandoned and sad.” Illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship. – Monique, I.S. 195, the Bronx

Kids should make their own decisions whether to wear uniforms or not. Schools should let us breathe for once, so we can wear what we really like. – Chrisleny, I.S. 195, the Bronx

Amnesty International reports that more than 40 countries have abolished the death penalty. Students in my class also feel that the death penalty is wrong. Some people feel that killers should be killed, but I think there are better ways to punish people. – Drunea, I.S. 195, the Bronx

Most kids who do not work would most likely do the work if they had something to look forward to when they were done. My school should have a football team. A football team would help kids get healthy, keep kids off streets, and it could help the school board raise money. – Zaquan, I.S. 195, the Bronx