Leo’s Family Secret

By Abby Gross

Book Review of REPLAY by Sharon Creech

“Fog boy,” Leo’s family calls him, because he is always daydreaming. Head in the clouds, he imagines that he is a famous actor, a Nobel prize-winning scientist, and most of all, that he is respected by his noisy, chaotic family. Leo feels lost among his siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents. For a while, Leo prefers to live in a fantasy world instead of reality. He avoids his own reality where his mother complains, his father is sad, and all of his relatives have a secret they refuse to tell him.

When Leo gets a part in his school play, he learns how to bring a fictional character to life — and what makes a real live person who he is. Leo discovers that people, his father in particular, may be deeper and more interesting than they seem.

Finally, Leo helps his family with their secret, and at the end of the story, it is no longer a secret.

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