How We Are Smart



When Puerto Rican percussionist Tito Puente was a boy, he’d bang on cans and walls in the house. Instead of scolding him, his mother bought him a drum kit. Her support paid off: Tito grew up to become a drumming legend, winning six Grammy Awards for musical excellence.

How We Are Smart profiles 12 famous Americans from many different ethnic and social backgrounds who were all smart in different kinds of ways. Each profile honors a person who applied his or her talents and achieved outstanding things. To discover your own smarts, take this free test:

Which Smarts Are You?

According to psychologists Howard Gardner and Thomas Armstrong, there are eight kinds of smarts:

Logic Smart: Solving difficult problems with language or numbers

Body Smart: Using our body to solve problems or communicate ideas

Music Smart: Being aware of nonverbal sounds in our surroundings

Nature Smart: Classifying things and understanding the environment

People Smart: Being aware of the moods, feelings and desires of others

Picture Smart: Creating mental images of what we’re thinking about

Self Smart: Having a good knowledge of our own strengths and weaknesses

Word Smart: Being good at spoken and written languages

-Review by Lucine Kasbarian

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