Chicago Teachers Strike 2012. Photo: Peoplesworld

By Juan Cortes, age 10 

Teachers in Chicago, home to the country’s third-largest school district, ended their historic 11-day strike in late October after the city agreed to meet many of the teachers’ demands.

The agreement included reduced class sizes, having a nurse and a social worker five days a week in every school, more librarians and a 16% salary increase for teachers in five years, which, according to Stacy Davis Gates, the executive vice president of the Chicago Teachers Union, will lift teachers out of poverty.

The Chicago teachers’ strike follows teachers’ strikes in California, Oklahoma, Arizona, Kentucky, North Carolina and Colorado. Gates told Democracy Now! that this victory was the result of lots of different groups, including community groups, parents and students, working together to support the teachers. “This is a win for our city. This is a win for our state. This is a win for our country,” Gates said.