By IK Kid Reporter AMELIA J. LOEFFLER, age 9

Amelia, her little sister Ruby and her friend Maisie spent a few of their summer days at a lemonade stand raising money to provide shelter for homeless kids.

One day this summer I was sitting around bored. I was trying to think of something to do. My mom suggested I do a lemonade stand to benefit homeless kids. She told me about LemonAid Days and I looked up the program information online.  LemonAid Days is a project where kids like me help homeless kids by having a lemonade stand and donating all the money to the Salvation Army’s program for homeless kids in Lexington, Kentucky.

I registered online, visited the Salvation Army downtown, and collected my information packet, badges and sign.  After that, my dad helped me buy the supplies. My friend Maisie and my little sister Ruby helped. We spent three mornings working at our LemonAid stand. Instead of setting a price we asked for donations. When we told people what we were doing, they donated lots of money. We raised $216 in three days. Over one thousand kids and their families participated in LemonAid Days. Together, we raised more than $40,000.

The main cause of homelessness for kids is when parents lose their jobs. Then there is no source of income for the family. When there is no source of income, the most expensive things, like a house, go first. The Salvation Army provides a safe place for kids to stay while their parents are looking for a job. I feel like I did something very good by helping homeless kids in my community. What can you do to help kids where you live?