By Indykids Staff

Walk down the street. If you listen closely, you’ll hear the rhythm of the city. You’ll hear the beat of footsteps, the ring of telephones, car horns, police sirens, the clink of silverware at outdoor restaurants, the opening and closing of cash registers, and the car alarms.

Then go to a quiet place, like your home or the library. Put two fingers of one hand on the underside of your other wrist. Close your eyes. You will probably feel your pulse, soft but steady. This is the rhythm of your body.

So what is rhythm? Rhythm is simply the pattern of a sound repeated. The reason why poetry is fun to read out loud is because poetry often is written to a rhythm. When you beat on a drum, you are making a rhythm. And when you talk over a drum beat, you’re rapping. When hip hop musicians and rappers create new songs, they combine a good beat or rhythm with poetry and stories. Sometimes they put melodies underneath.

You can be a rapper, too. Listen to the beat around you and tell your stories!