Going Ape for Social Distancing?

Chimpanzee, by Aaron Logan on Flickr

By Ozzy Brown, age 11

Humans may think they are the only species that practice social distancing, but other animals also social distance to stop the spread of contagious diseases. Humans could learn from them about how to protect their community and stay safe.

According to National Geographic, while studying social behaviors of chimpanzees, animal scientist Jane Goodall discovered that when a chimp was sick with polio, the other chimps cast it out of the group until it was healthy again.

But those aren’t the only ways animals social distance. Mice also make sure their mate is healthy, and won’t take an unhealthy mate. 

These animals are doing what is right for their community, and humans can take a lesson from them. Humans may not seem like animals, but we can isolate and wear masks. It’s only natural.

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