Go on a Cultural Treasure Hunt! Museums Bring the Fun Indoors

A giant model of DNA at the NY Hall of Science.  Photo: NYHALLSCI.ORG
A giant model of DNA at the New York Hall of Science. Photo: NYHALLSCI.ORG

By Abby Gross and Nora Gold

In winter, having fun inside can be a challenge. How many movies can you watch? How many video games can you play? So why not try something different and go to a museum? At a museum, you can find treasures of art, culture and history. Most museums hand you a treasure map at the front door, so you can follow the often twisty passages and find the cool stuff. Of course, walking through a museum without a map can be fun, too. What will you find where you least expect it?

Here are some cool museums to try across the country:

New York Hall of Science in Queens, NY: Visit the rocket park, a science playground, and exhibits that explore the science of sports, sound and music, and the ways organisms survive on other planets.

Museum of Television and Radio Manhattan, NY, and Los Angeles, CA: Watch television programming dating back to 1918! Kids nine or older can take part in the Re-Creating Radio workshop, where they’re taught how to produce an old-time radio show.

National Museum of the American Indian Manhattan, NY, and Washington, DC: You’ll find displays of  American Indian clothing, cultural objects and art. See gold from Andean cultures, stone carvings from North America, featherwork from Amazonian tribes, and much more.

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