Global Methane Emissions at Record High 

Livestock are responsible for 18% of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Photo by Megumi Nachev on unsplash

By Linnea Quammen, age 10 and IndyKids Staff

Methane emissions across the world are at a record high, according to the most recent data findings from 2017. The latest study by scientists with the Global Carbon Project in July says that nearly 600 million tons of methane had been released into the atmosphere.

Methane is one of the main ingredients of natural gas. The main source of methane in our environment comes from fossil fuels used for transportation and meat production. When methane mixes with oxygen in the Earth’s lower atmosphere, it gets trapped in the ozone, creating smog, which causes health problems. 

Scientists have warned that if no major changes are made and greenhouse gas emissions continue on their current trajectory, they could warm the Earth’s atmosphere by three to four degrees Celsius by the end of this century.

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