Getting Wild With the Philippine Mouse Deer

By ELIYA AHMAD, Kid Reporter, age 10

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Most likely you have heard of the deer.  It’s likely you have heard of the mouse. But have you heard of the smallest deer in the world, the Philippine Mouse Deer? Probably not.  Here are some facts to get you started!

  • The Mouse Deer is mainly found in the tropical country of the Philippines.  Its preferred habitat is dense forest.
  • This is the world’s smallest hoofed mammal, standing less than 16 inches tall at the shoulders!
  • The Philippine Mouse Deer eats leaves– yummy, yummy leaves!
  • Speakers of Tagalog, a language native to the Philippines, call this animal by another name, ‘Pilandok.’
  • The Philippine Mouse Deer is the country’s most endangered species. Its habitat is disappearing due to expanding farmland, and because it is being hunted.

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