Getting Wild with. . . the Giraffe!

PHOTO: Flickr/Adam Foster

The world’s tallest mammal, the giraffe, is hard to miss as it roams the grasslands of the African savanna. These beautiful, spotted herbivores (plant-eating animals) travel in small groups, frequently stopping to munch on leaves high up in the treetops. This is easy for them, considering a giraffe can be as tall as 20 feet, with a tongue almost two feet long! Their height allows them to see predators far off in the distance, which makes giraffes popular among their shorter neighbors, like zebras and wildebeests.


  • A giraffe’s spots are as unique as a snowflake or fingerprints; no two are alike.
  • Giraffe babies are six feet tall when they are born! They can stand within half an hour of birth and are able to run later that day.
  • They make noises, known as infrasound, which people cannot hear.
  • Their tongues are a dark blue, black or purple to protect against sunburn while poking out to grab leaves.

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