Getting Wild with the Angora Rabbit


The Angora rabbit looks a bit like a giant fur ball with a face, but it is in fact a very distinguished animal. Its name refers to several of the oldest breeds of domesticated (pet) rabbits in the world.


  • Angora rabbits are originally from Turkey. The capital of Turkey, Ankara, was called Angora from 1073 until 1930. The city was famous not only for these long-haired rabbits, but also for its long-haired goats and a breed of cat that came to be known as the Turkish Angora.
  • The French decided to begin breeding the rabbit for its wool in the 18th century. Angora rabbits were a common pet for French royalty.
  • The wool spun from an Angora rabbit’s extra thin, long and silky fur is softer than cashmere.
  • Because the hair of Angora rabbits is so soft and long, the rabbits often accidentally swallow their own hair. The hair can get caught in their digestive tract. It can cause a dangerous and fatal condition called wool block.┬áTo prevent this from happening, Angora rabbits have to eat a lot of fiber.

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