Volunteer With Us

Do you have a passion for children’s literacy and progressive journalism? IndyKids helps young students ages 10-13 improve writing, reading and research skills while learning about social justice issues and world events that aren’t always covered by mainstream children’s media. We’re looking for dedicated volunteers who have a background in journalism, writing or education to mentor our Kid Reporters and edit the IndyKids newspaper.

Mentor a Kid Reporter
As a mentor, you will be working with students ages 10-13 years old at our Kid Reporter Program workshops in New York City to guide them through brainstorming, research, writing and editing articles for IndyKids.

To volunteer as a mentor, please fill out an online application here.

Become an Editor for IndyKids
The IndyKids newspaper is published five times a year and is written by kids ages 10-13. As an editor, you will be involved in the process of revising articles written by our Kid Reporters in order to prepare them for publication in our newspaper. Editors can expect to spend two to five hours every two months revising their assigned article(s) and attending one editing meeting at the IndyKids office in Manhattan to discuss revisions with other editors. Experience with AP Style is a plus!

To volunteer as an editor, please fill out an online application here.

Other Ways to Volunteer with IndyKids

  • Distribute the Newspaper – Want to see IndyKids at your local cafe or library? Contact us at malik@indykids.org to find out how you can get copies of the paper to drop off at your favorite locations. (Click here to see where IndyKids is already available.)
  • Join us for “Bundling”  – Come to one of our Saturday Bundling parties when IndyKids goes to print!  Hot off the presses, we hand-pack IndyKids to send off to our subscribers across the country. Contact us at volunteer@indykids.org to find out when our next Bundling party will be at the IndyKids office in Manhattan.  Kids and parents are especially welcome.
  • Work on the newspaper production – IndyKids relies on the volunteer work of professional artists and graphic designers for the production of our newspaper and website. Contact us at volunteer@indykids.org if you are interested in being involved with IndyKids behind the scenes.
  • Fundraising – In order to keep IndyKids free and ad-free, we rely on our wonderful supporters! Contact us at donate@indykids.org to help plan events, reach out to donors and subscribers, contribute with foundation research and grant writing, and promote fundraising and outreach initiatives at IndyKids.

For more information on other volunteer opportunities at IndyKids contact us at volunteer@indykids.org.

We look forward to hearing from you!