Games for Planes & Trains (and automobiles)

By Indykids Staff

Have some fun while staying in a hotel, visiting relatives or waiting in line for amusement rides…

The Mime Rhyme

Get two or more players together and choose one to be the mime. The other players pick a word that the mime must guess. The players offer a hint by giving a word that the secret word rhymes with. The mime tries to act out the answer without talking.

For example, if the word is pie, the players will say, “It rhymes with try.” The mime may than wipe away tears to stand for cry. This goes on until the mime gets the right word. Then it’s time for another player. The mime who guesses in the fewest tries wins the game.


Start with 10 pennies in your pocket. One player holds a secret number of pennies in her fist and says, “Guess-APenny!” If your guess is right, you get to take all the pennies in the other player’s hand. A wrong guess means that you must give up the difference from your own stash. Suppose you said four pennies but the other player had seven. You have to give up three pennies for being wrong. Take turns guessing, and the first person to run out of coins loses.

Games ideas are from the book 60 Super Simple Travel Games by Jill Smolinski

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