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IndyKids encourages students to think critically, engage with important issues around them and explore the news from a social justice perspective. Our increasingly information-saturated world necessitates the development of strong media literacy skills to navigate the constant barrage of words and images aimed at kids today. The IndyKids Education Program was developed to aid educators and their students through our issue-specific teaching guides and tailored class visits to schools in the greater New York City area.

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The free IndyKids Teaching Guide is a curriculum for teachers based on the latest edition of our newspaper. We believe that social justice and empowerment are best learned by doing and our teaching guides aim to help educators bring our lively kid reporting to life in the classroom. With a progressive, child-centered educational approach, each full lesson offers opportunities for authentic student engagement and satisfies Common Core standards. The guide also includes a variety of mini-lessons, activities and project ideas, adaptable for every kind of classroom. 

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Do you and your students love IndyKids? If you are a teacher in the New York City area, you can request a class visit from the IndyKids education team! Together we will explore media literacy, the role of journalists and how they cover important stories and our Kid Reporter Program. Each student will receive a media kit including a copy of the latest issue of the newspaper. Classroom visits are free and we will work with you to tailor them to your class schedule and curriculum.

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