By Avanna Arrington

On March 7th, two tenth grade English classes from Progress High School in Bushwick, Brooklyn, visited the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Manhattan. As we began the tour, we entered through gray walls that symbolize hope and pain. There were six columns which represent the six million Jews who were slaughtered during the Holocaust. This made our faces fill with sorrow.

There were mini-theaters explaining who the Jews were and showing what they experienced during the Holocaust*. There were also treasures from Jewish culture such as the Torah, which Jews read from right to left.

When we exited the exhibit we saw the Statue of Liberty from the windows of the museum. The tour guide explained, “The Statue of Liberty represents hope to come and faith because it was the first thing the Jews saw when they came to the U.S.”

When asked about the trip, a fellow student stated: “I really enjoyed the trip. The part that I liked the most was when the tour guide talked about the Holocaust. I also enjoyed going to the mini-theater.”

It is important for youth to learn about the Holocaust. Many ethnic groups have been through similar situations and we should be able to learn from these events and how they affect our lives.

*The Holocaust refers to the systematic killing of Jews and some other groups by Nazi Germany during World War II.