Family Separation Along the U.S.-Mexico Border May Have Ended, But What Now?

By Lukas Azcurrain, age 12



On June 20th, Donald Trump signed an executive order stating that migrant children who are trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border will no longer be separated from their parents, and can only be detained for 20 days.

This executive order only solved a fraction of the problem. Parents who try to cross the border are being incarcerated in detention centers with their children. The conditions of the detention centers are horrific and traumatizing. According to news reports, there are approximately 13,000 migrant children being held in detention centers across the country.

Since the passing of the executive order, of the 2,654 children separated from their families, 2,151 have either been reunited with parents or sent to live with another sponsor in the United States.

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