If you can’t visit a community garden, you can still grow living things in your home. Seeds are everywhere. Beans like lentils, chickpeas, black beans, and red beans are all seeds that you can grow. Just be sure to buy them dry.


1. Place a bunch of seeds in a bowl or pan. Spread them out so that they aren’t on top of one another.

2. Pour a bit of water in the container. You can be generous when you pour, but do not soak the plants so that they drown.

3. Place a piece of paper towel or a thin towel over the seeds. Make sure the towel is always a little wet. If it isn’t, add water.

4. Within a few days you should have sprouts growing. You can eat them plain. They are very healthy. Or, throw them into a salad with other veggies.

MAKE IT GROW BIG: Get a pot (you can even recycle a milk or juice carton, but be sure to poke holes in the
bottom) and some soil, and transplant a couple of your sprouts roots-first into the soil. Be sure to water your
plant regularly and make sure it gets enough sunlight. If you don’t ignore your plant, it will be sure to grow.