Crossword Puzzle



This crossword puzzle is made up of words from this issue of IndyKids.

3. Harmful or dangerous, like chemical waste
4. Where solar energy gets its power
8. Country that the United States has been occupying
for more than nine years
9. A member of the group of people facing discrimination
in France
1. A major ingredient in many food items and also used
to feed cows in the dairy and meat industries
2. What more than 20 percent of the world’s wild plants
may face in the coming years
4. The largest country in Africa
5. Part of the U.S. government that votes whether
something should be a law
6. An independent public school
7. What students and parents at Whittier Elementary
School in Chicago believe they should have

Across: 3. Toxic, 4. Sun, 9. Afghanistan, 9. Gypsy; Down: 1. Corn,
2. Extinction, 4. Sudan, 5. Senate, 6. Charter, 7. Library

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  1. Hi Veronica,

    There’s no way to type into the puzzle online; you just need to print out the page and then solve it with a pencil!

    -Mike from IndyKids

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