Buy Lunch, Not a Product

By Indykids

When you eat something, think about it: are you consuming food or advertising? Nutrition or an image? Do you think professional sports stars like Serena, Venus, Shaq and Kobe really eat candy bars and fast food to stay at the top of their game?

Companies spend BILLIONS of dollars every year marketing foods that are very low in nutritional value to kids like you. Children are very desirable customers for a company, because they can have you as a customer for a long time, from “cradle to grave.”

Have you ever seen a commercial for Sunny Delight? The way they talk about it, you would think that it’s some sort of health food. In fact, Sunny Delight has barely any juice in it at all. It is mostly water, sugar, and added vitamins.

Eating an orange is a much better way to get your Vitamin C and you will get fiber that will help you feel full for longer. In fact, eating more of all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to stay healthy and strong. It’s time to beat junk food advertisers at their own game.

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