Holes, by Louis Sacher
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Holes, by Louis Sacher
Holes, by Louis Sacher

Holes is about a boy named Stanley. Unlike other boys, he has to go to jail, even though he did not do anything wrong. Every day the boys have to dig holes five feet deep and five feet wide in a dried-up lake. Nobody tells them why they have to dig the holes until the very end, when Stanley solves the mystery.

When he finally escapes from the jail, following his friend Zero, he goes to the place his great-great-great grandfather called the God’s Thumb, the top of a mountain that looks like a gigantic thumb.

I liked Holes because it’s a mystery set in two different periods of history. The book takes place in the present, and about 100 years ago, switching back and forth in time from Stanley to his great-great-great-grandfather, Elya. Elya stole a few pigs about 100 years ago, and this had something to do with a terrible curse.

I also liked this book because it’s about people helping each other. Stanley learns about friendship and cooperation. He and his friends fight against injustice and try to change things to make them more fair for everyone.

I’d recommend this book for kids who are into mystery, suspense or realistic fiction. The more you read, the more interesting it gets. You’ll want to know what happens in the next chapter!

For the follow-up, look for Small Steps.

Pedro Lahoz Wolfe, 8, is a student in New York City.