By Kid Reporter AMELIA LOEFFLER, age 9



The One World Kids Cookbook is a cookbook for children and their families. It was written by Sean Mendez, and includes recipes from 19 different countries including China, Brazil, Russia and Ghana. It also includes pictures and facts about each country. For example, did you know that Brazil provides one quarter of the world’s coffee?

My family and I made the chicken and spinach curry from India. Making the curry was different from how we normally cook. For example, I’ve never used some of the spices that were used in the curry. We used bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, curry, coriander, cardamom pods, garam masala, and fresh ginger. We were able to find all of the spices at our food co-op. Overall, I thought the curry dish was pretty good. My little sister thought it was too spicy, and we didn’t even put all the hot pepper in it!

I really like the pictures that show children making each recipe. All of the recipes look very tasty, even though some of them are different from what I would normally eat.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes good food and learning. It can help kids and their families learn about other countries while cooking.