By Zazil Davis-Vazquez

hungryplanetHungry Planet, by Peter Menzel and Faith d’Aluisio, is about what people in the world eat. Colorful photographs and detailed descriptions reveal what 30 families in 24 countries eat each week and how much they spend on food.

The book offers many useful comparisons. For example, a family in Mali eats mostly grains and vegetables and spends an equivalent of $26 at an outdoor market, whereas a family in France spends $420 on mostly produce and prepared foods at a giant supermarket.

The stories in the body of the book focus on specific families, but the informative charts in the back offer statistics about the countries they live in. One chart shows, for example, that in the United States the entire population has access to safe water, whereas only 27 of every 100 people have clean water in Chad.

The beautiful photographs and eye-opening statistics make Hungry Planet an interesting reference for people who want to learn more about what people eat around the world.