Heat by Mike Lupica

You know that kid in Little League who can throw what seems like 800 miles per hour? Michael Arroyo, the lead character in Mike Lupica’s book Heat, is that kid. Michael, a young Cuban boy growing up in the Bronx, lives in the shadows of Yankee Stadium. He dreams of one day playing for the New York Yankees. With one of the best pitching arms around, he just might! But he must get to the Little League World Series first. And getting there won’t be easy.

Blessed with the ability to throw fast, or as Michael and his friends call it, heat, Michael is also cursed by his circumstances. No one believes he is as young as he is, and he suddenly must prove that he isn’t older than 12, the cut-off age for Little League eligibility. The document he needs to prove this – a birth certificate – is back in Cuba, and getting it will be difficult. It will mean revealing a very important secret.

With steady support from his friends, Michael is determined to hold onto his dreams. But will his determination be enough? You’ll need to read it and find out.