Book Review: Button Girl

By Lucine Kasbarian

Button Girl: More Than 20 Cute-as-a-Button Projects by Mikyla Bruder; Photos by Scott Nobles

Once upon a time, before buttons were born, people used thorns, sticks and bones to keep their blouses on and their trousers up. Today, buttons are decorative and functional and come in every shape and size – whether covered in fabric, painted in bright candy colors, or sculpted from wood.

By following the instructions in this book, stylish girls can make more than 20 super-cute accessories bejeweled with buttons. Chapter One, “Fashion Fun,” shows you how to dazzle your outfits with uniquely designed accents. Chapter Two, “Button Bijoux,” demonstrates how to make button barrettes and bobbies, button rings, and change purses. Chapter Three, “Great Gifts,” contains projects to produce button magnets, stationery and gift wrap to make and give to friends or family (or just keep for yourself). Each project lists supplies required, step-by-step instructions, a diagram, and a full-color picture of the finished product.

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