Book Review: 101 Changemakers

By LILY COOK, age 15

101 Changemakers is about the women and men who have shaped America’s history by advocating for justice. The book tells the stories of many heroes, some of whom are common household names, like Rosa Parks or Harriet Tubman, but also of others whose names are not so universally known, like Fred Fay or Shirley Chisholm.

For example, Fred Fay helped pass the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, which prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities and makes sure they have access to the same education as everyone else. This groundbreaking act is relevant to middle school kids because at one point not so long ago, kids with disabilities and those without them were not allowed in the same classroom, and recognizing how far we have come is important.

Second, Shirley Chisholm was the first black woman ever elected in Congress. She also ran for President, and fought against the oppression of women, gays, Latinos and the working class. She also represents women who fought through many stereotypes, and all that she did deserves recognition.

Overall, the book, 101 Changemakers, is informative yet interesting, and upon finishing it, the reader will definitely learn a lot about the history of America’s heroes. It’s inspiring and I would recommend it, because there were many people who I learned about who I didn’t learn about in middle school.

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