Book Review: 100 Things Guys Need To Know


100 Things Guys Need to Know by Bill Zimmerman

What’s an appropriate way for boys to resolve conflicts and handle stress? Shouldn’t guys have the right to show their emotions? 100 Things Guys Need to Know advises while encouraging boys to be themselves, and to avoid myths that males must be rough and tough. Author Bill Zimmerman surveyed more than 500 boys ages 9-13 about what it’s like to grow up today.

The book contains 100 life lessons on topics such as honoring elder wisdom, standing up to peer pressure, developing friendships with girls, anger management, and coping with parents’ divorce. Anecdotes about challenges faced by famous men such as Nelson Mandela, Albert Pujols and Denzel Washington show readers that these men have experienced some of the same encounters of boys today. A former editor and Pulitzer Prize nominee at NY Newsday, Bill wrote this book because he wished he had one like it when he was growing up.

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  1. Good luck when you do, Carl. I know a local wrteir who used his hometown and their annual festival in his book, so he’s got some attention that way.

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