By Bennett Baumer

How do you say “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in Japanese? The Japanese national baseball team won the first ever World Baseball Classic (WBC) on March 21 by beating the Cuban team 10-6.

Most people think that baseball is as American as apple pie, but the game is growing in popularity and people now play it all over the world. Teams as far away as South Africa, Venezuela and Italy played in the WBC tournament, which will take place every four years. Countries such as Japan, Mexico and the Dominican Republic have their own professional leagues, and you probably recognize major leaguers like David “Big Papi” Ortiz from the Dominican Republic and Ichiro Suzuki from Japan.

Some say New York City is divided into two types of people – Yankees fans and Mets fans. Yankees play in the Bronx and the Mets in Flushing, Queens, and both should have solid major league teams this year. When the Yankees and the Mets played against each other in the 2000 World Series, it was called the Subway Series. Since then, the Yankees have yet to win another World Series and the Mets haven’t come close.

But the question remains: now that we have the World Baseball Classic, what will they call the World Series, which actually includes only the United States and Canada?

How do you say “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” in Japanese? “Watashi o yakyuu shiai ni tsureteittekure”