Immg_BB Color
IMAGE: Leo Garcia


Around the country, protesters are rallying against the Arizona state senate bill SB-1070. This bill forces immigrants who are not citizens and who are over age 14 to carry their identification papers at all times. The law also gives police officers the right to pull over anyone they think might be an illegal immigrant. This means the police can stop people based on the way they look. Any immigrant not carrying papers can be arrested and sent to jail for up to 20 days the first time this happens.

People are also joining protests to persuade the Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner, Bud Selig, to boycott Arizona for the All-Star Game in 2011. The All-Star game is a baseball tournament held in the middle of the baseball season. Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, plans to host the game in 2011. However, because of SB-1070, many people want Bud Selig to choose another location.

Previous boycotts have occurred against countries and states in the midst of political controversies. For example, South Africa was not allowed to take part in the Olympics from 1964 to 1992 because of its apartheid government, a system that legalized the separation of people based on race.

Many MLB players have spoken against this law, saying that it is unfair and wrong. In an interview with the Miami Herald, Augie Ojeda of the Arizona Diamondbacks said, “If I leave the park after a game and I get stopped, am I supposed to have papers on me? I don’t think that’s fair.”

Boycott: To stop doing business with or to stop buying something from a place because you want them to change what they’re doing.

Zazil Davis-Vazquez, 16, is a student in Queens, New York.