Spiders on Vacation

Spiders on Vacation?

Spiders at the New York Hall of Science went on winter vacation to Florida, according to a sign posted at the museum. In fact, the spiders had died. According to Anthony Douyon, animal caretaker of the museum, spiders at the museum die every year. Golden orb-weaver spiders live about one year and usually die in the winter.


Symbiosis Under the Sea

Certain fish wear “uniforms” to keep from being eaten, according to a new study published in Current Biology. Cleaner fish, which eat parasites off of larger fish, have a dark stripe and are colored blue and yellow. The larger fish recognize the colorful pattern and don’t eat the fish because of the service they perform. The researchers think that the cleaning fish developed their color patterns over time, as fish with those colors attracted more clients and got eaten less often.

Walruses Threatened

Walruses Threatened

The Pacific walrus should be classified as an endangered species, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The walrus’ habitat has become increasingly threatened by melting sea ice caused by global warming. But the walrus is also being threatened by offshore oil development in the Arctic.