By Amanda Vender

See how many junk food and other corporate ads you can find at your school. Some places to look:

Vending machines: Your school may have a contract with soft drink company. The company gives the school some money to allow it to be in the school, but the school is not allowed to sell competing brands of soft drinks.

School library: The library pays for magazines full of ads for sugary foods and all kinds of products aimed at kids. Ask the library to carry the ad-free IndyKids instead!

Fundraising programs: Kids become salespeople when they sell products of for-profit companies in order to raise money for school programs.

Written materials: Look for who produced the hand-outs you receive. It may be a for-profit corporation.

Special programs, scholarships and contests: For example, the BOOK IT! reading program sponsored by Pizza Hut offers coupons in exchange for reading books.

Space around the school: look for ads or company logos on school buses, scoreboards, posters, textbooks and rooms or wings of the school.