Samuel’s DIY Projects Presents: Zero Waste and Zero Impact Frozen Suncatcher 

By Samuel Pressman and IndyKids staff

Suncatchers are a unique way to decorate outdoor areas in a natural way. But have you ever thought about making a frozen one? These temporary art projects are a great way to learn about our climate and sustainability. 


Collect some organic materials you like the look of, like leaves, bark, even old Christmas tree pines. Including some berries and seeds is a great way to feed birds and encourage plant growth. Also get some twine. 


Arrange all of your found items in a freezer-safe container. You could use a bowl or an old food container. Now pour water over the arrangement. Make sure to feed the twine through the decorations and leave an end long enough to make a loop out of the water so you can hang your suncatcher once it is frozen. Now pop your vessel into the freezer until solid.


Hang your suncatcher outside (somewhere lower to the ground so that it doesn’t land on anyone when it melts!) and you can witness the fascinating process of melting. If you added any berries or seeds, birds might even come and eat from your suncatcher! 

Think about these points:

How long did it take to melt fully? Is this how long you would have thought it would last in winter? Did you expect it to last longer? How long do you think it would last in summer? 

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