Meet IndyKid Reporter… Nicolle Berroa

By Hudson Mu, age 14

Meet Nicolle Berroa, a 13 year old eighth grader from South Florida. Nicolle has been writing for the newspaper for a while now after being introduced to the program by her aunt who works with IndyKids. She wrote her first cover story for this Fall Issue.

Hudson: What social justice topics interest you most?

Nicolle: Some social justice topics that interest me the most include social inequalities in racism, sexism and homophobia, gun violence and income gaps. I feel very strongly about inter-social treatment.

Hudson: What do you think makes for good journalism?

Nicolle: I think that the truth is what makes good journalism.

Hudson: Why do you think journalism, and in particular youth journalism, are important?

Nicolle: I think journalism is important because . Youth journalism is especially important because it gives us a space to learn how to speak about the problems in our world.

Hudson: Who inspired you to start writing?

Nicolle: My sisters all wrote before me. They all inspired me to write.

Hudson: What are your hopes for your future?

Nicolle: In the future, I hope to become an anesthesiologist in neuro, pediatric, and cardiac anesthesia. I plan to go to John Hopkins University to achieve this.


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