Month: November 2013

What is a Refugee?

Refugees are people who had to leave their homes because of war or other violence, environmental disasters or a bad economy that leaves them unable to get jobs or make enough money.

The Life Cycle of a Cell Phone

What goes into making a cell phone? How was it made and who made it? And what will happen to it once you throw it in the trash? The time we spend with our phones is just a portion of their total life cycle.

Where Have the Bees Gone?

Studies have shown a big decline in the bee population since 2006. Honeybees from beekeepers have been declining throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. This decline is called Colony Collapse Disorder.

Bulgarians are Looking for Change

The resignation of Boiko Borisov, the former Prime Minister of Bulgaria, after a nationwide protest in February, brought joy to many of its citizens; the protests before his resignation were the worst in 15 years.