Month: September 2006

Tomato's Juicy Secret

Tomatoes grown in southwest Florida end up in foods sold at Taco Bell and McDonald’s. But even the fastest tomato farmworker makes barely enough in one hour to buy a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. The workers are not asking for a lot — just one more penny per pound of tomatoes and work without mistreatment.

Group Goes to Court to Seek MORE MONEY for Schools

On average, around the country we spend about $900 less per student each year in the school districts with more poor and minority students than we do in schools with more wealthy and white students. In 1993 the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, CFE, (fiscal means money, and equity means fairness) launched a lawsuit against the state of New York demanding more money for schools. Groups like CFE all over the country are fighting for fair distribution of resources for education.

Whose Space, Exactly?

Every day, I hear conversations about or AOL in the halls, and I listen to kids laugh about funny pictures that they had posted on such sites. Most kids don’t even realize that with the click of the “send” button, their conversation is posted for the world to see.