1. Reduce! Because so little is recycled, reducing your consumption is the best way to help the environment. Make a list of ways your family can cut down.

2. Reuse! Use old newspaper as wrapping paper, reuse plastic bags or bring your own bags. Can you think of more ideas?

3. Recycle! Buy products that contain recycled materials. You can even recycle old electronics, batteries and appliances. See earth911.com for where to drop them off.

4. Does your school recycle? Are there enough recycling bins on the street in your community? If not, call or write to your local official and ask why. Start a letter or phone campaign with your friends.

5. Stop junk mail. Call the 1-800 number on unwanted catalogs and ask that they no longer be sent.
6. Choose products wrapped in the least amount of packaging.

7. Use public transportation.

8. Be a vegetarian. Raising animals for food produces a lot more waste than growing vegetables.

9. Start an environmental club at your school to raise awareness.

10. Don’t get discouraged! Educate yourself, your parents, friends and neighbors.