The School-to-Prison Pipeline: The Criminalization of Kids

By Isabelle Pierre, age 13 and IndyKids staff

Kids face so many challenges while growing up, from concentrating in class to dealing with confusing emotions, bullying from peers and a huge amount of stress. It’s hard to imagine, but for many, these struggles may not just earn you detention, they may result in your arrest and ultimately land you in prison.

Personal Report: How Can I Live Somewhere That I Don’t Feel Safe?

By Aisha Hassim, age 13

The hate and discrimination faced by Muslim people across the world continues to be an issue. Islamophobia manifests itself in many ways, from nasty jokes to laws restricting religious practices. The problems we face daily are not to be taken lightly.

How to Be a Youth Activist

By Isabelle Pierre, age 13 and IndyKids staff

Activism is all about advocating for something you’re passionate about and feel deeply for. Young people in particular have often been at the forefront of movements, because, well, we are the future, and we should have a say in how that future is shaped! 

Could VR Stop Climate Change in Its Tracks? An Interview With VR Advocate, Conan Martinez

Aaliyah-Marie Garner, age 12

Using VR in classrooms might be commonplace in just a few years. Technology like this can allow students to explore the deepest regions of our planet, or even to perform dangerous experiments in their science classes. Teacher, Conan Martinez explains.

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