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Someday, you could be a Cartoonist, like Nicole Georges

Nicole Georges is a cartoonist and memoirist based in Portland, OR, whose book, Calling Dr. Laura, was nominated for an award at the Angoulême International Comics Festival.

Someday You Could Be a Community Organizer, like Aber Kawas

Have you noticed issues of religion, gender and race impacting your community, your family or yourself? Growing up in Brooklyn, 23-year-old activist Aber Kawas witnessed discrimination and violence against Muslims in her community.

Someday You Could Be a Scholar Activist, Like Aiesha Turman

Are you passionate about promoting healing and knowledge within your ethnic community? Or, are you interested in supporting a community as an ally? Someday you could be a scholar activist, like Aiesha Turman.

Someday, You Could Work with Young People, Like Adam Green

Have you ever thought about working with kids like yourself one day? Meet Adam Green, the founder and executive director of Rocking The Boat, an organization in the South Bronx dedicated to empowering young people by building boats together.