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Occupy Summer School

This summer, at the Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women (UAI) in Brooklyn, teen girls full of ideas and action participated in Occupy Summer School, a three-week course on how to stage an effective protest.

Strike Debt To Change Tactics

Rolling Jubilee, a project by the Strike Debt movement that started in 2012, has raised $701,317 to abolish $14,734,569.87 worth of debt.

Someday, You Could Be a Punk Rocker, Just Like Ian MacKaye

Kid Reporter Pedro Lahoz Wolfe interviews Ian MacKaye: punk rocker, music producer and activist.

Occupy Protests Continue

Occupy Wall Street protests picked up with spring’s warm weather to protest the extreme wealth of just one percent of the people in the United States.

Someday, you could be an Actor, just like Marlo Thomas

Marlo Thomas is an actor and activist who has starred in many TV shows, movies and plays since the 1960s.

Occupy Wall Street: A Children’s Day of Action

Since Occupy Wall Street protests started in September, protesters have been attacked and cleared out by police, who sometimes use violence. Kids in New York City held a Children’s Assembly to speak out against police bullying and attacks. Our Kid Reporters are on the scene.

Kid Reporter Diary from Occupy Wall Street

Kid Reporters Eliya Ahmad, Jasmine Brown and Diamandely Liriano share their Occupy Wall Street experiences.

Voices from Occupy Wall Street

Kid Reporter, Eliya Ahmad, age 10, interviews protesters at Occupy Wall Street in New York City.

The 99 Percent Tells Its Story

Thousands of people around the country have uploaded their stories and photos to the We Are The 99 Percent website. Telling their stories is a way to show they support the protesters—and one another.

How Kids Can Help

Here are some examples of how kids can support the Occupy Wall Street movement.