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Chemical Spill in West Virginia Leaves 300,000 Residents Without Water for Weeks

On January 9, 2014, 10,000 gallons of crude MCHM and PPH, harmful chemicals used for cleaning impurities from coal, spilled from a storage tank into West Virginia’s Elk River.

Private Prisons and Undocumented Immigrants

Private prisons benefit from detaining undocumented immigrants.

A Timeline of Resistance

Learn about how the global economic crisis lead to resistance the spread throughout the globe.

Why Can’t We Share? The Occupy Wall Street Movement Grows

When people in New York City held a protest on Wall Street in September, they decided to stay there. The protesters wanted to let people know that just one percent of people in the country have far too much wealth and power over the lives of everybody else.

Choosing a New Justice

Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens is retiring in June 2010. What sort of judge will Obama choose to replace him?

Supreme Court: Corporations Have Rights, Too

The Supreme Court ruled in January that corporations can spend as much as they want to help elect and defeat candidates.

Advertising Sleuth

See how many junk food and other corporate ads you can find at your school.

Pirates on Somali Seas

Are they bandits or defenders of Somalia’s natural resources?

Junk Food Commercials Target Kids, Even In School

Corporations are getting their message to kids while kids are in school.

Who Is Responsible for Trash?

Earth Day is April 22, a day for environmental awareness and thinking about how we can become more green.